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Special products to help us to overcome these difficult times

Our Origins

Cashewbert was born in 2016, to make vegan cheese accessible to anyone.

After all these years, our small team learned and worked hard to make the business better, but as with any business, the growth and development took its toll and we had many ups and downs.

Even though we are mostly an online business, we also participate on markets and give physical workshops, and due to the pandemic, those events also didn't happen and we needed time to reorganise.

Due to lack of hands and continuous flow, our cheese alternatives like Cashewbert das Original and Bluebert were also not able to be produced which made for another lack of income.

We had to shrink down again, and rethink our goals, becoming clear that you, home makers, are our highest priority.

As financial issues start to burst, and due to the fact that Cashewbert is a company run by non-europeans which limits the access to bank credits and loans in Germany, we have to ask you to support us in order to continue our business.

Our goal is to raise at least 15.000€ by July 2020 in order to pay most critical bills, and get back to a healthy business track and for that we made a selection of limited edition products.

The delivery of most these products will happen between July and December 2021. See each item for more detail.


To see our Starter Kits and other products, please visit our online shop at www.cashewbert.com.